Sunday 25 February 2024

February spin and knit

Tired of spinning white yarn, I decided to look into my bins and found some smaller bits and pieces of carded, dyed and natural fibers and mixed them together on the carder.

The carded fibers, from various fleeces

This is what came out of it, a rather dense, nice heathered yarn. I also write about in on Ravelry (link to Ravelry)

The final yarn.

I joined the knitalong of the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group  on Ravelry with this pattern on 01-02-2024. This pattern didn't come first on the voting, but as alternative, slip stitch paterns were in scope too combined with the theme of the year, colors.

This is the final result (link to Ravelry):

It was a lovely knit. Nice pattern, well dosed instructions on not too many pages and lines, nice balance between patterned section and straight knitting (could have been more complex but I enjoyed this relatively easy knit).

I can recommend this pattern and might knit more of it (there is so much to knit so it is absolutely uncertain whether I actually will knit it again, but would not mind doing so).

Knitting details

Knitted with 5 double-pointed needles, size M with 52 stitches cast on. the one modification was the extra yellow round in the final slipped stitch round before starting the thumb increases.

Yarn used

The two contrasting colors were also leftovers from my stash. The light green is possibly a Swedish Finewool breed, and the yellow probably Romney from our local sheep flock (that has since then been replaced by other breeds).

Total weight of the mittens: 53 gram.

Left of the main yarn: 18 gram.

So I used 38 grams of the main yarn, and 15 grams of the contrast colors. I have no info on how much of each of the two contrast colors, but the yellow is finished up.