Friday 18 September 2015

Hello dear friend

Today I will show you something that was completed several years ago and something else that was created today.

Two years ago, I worked with ceramics. I enjoyed it a lot, and still miss it sometimes. However, time constraints make that I have not touched clay since then. Last weekend however, I went to visit the studio where my old teacher  is giving classes nowadays, and where she had an exhibition going on. When she saw me, she said: I have something that is yours... And she went to fetch this little friend of mine, which had been sitting and waiting patiently all that time. I had forgotten all about this sheep and was really surprised and very happy to see it and take it home. It has such a friendly expression on its face!

Today I completed a band weaving project of a pickup pattern from Föllinge. It was the first pickup pattern inkle for me, and the beginning was quite complicated. After a while I found out how to read the pattern and how to pick up and drop threads as per the pattern. It was a bit different from the videos I had watched on rigid heddle band weaving, as the warp threads ly so close in my inkle loom, where the rigid heddle really spreads the warp out so you can se the lowered part of the warp through the lifted part.

The pattern is from a blog by a Swedish woman, publishing some patterns from a collection of patterns from a certain part of Sweden, Jämtland. Föllinge is a village in the western part of Jämtland, not far from the Norwegian border. Hannas website can be found here: