Wednesday 16 October 2013


Since summer, when there was time, I spun small skeins of a lovely type of wool, long shiny curls, which, combed on mini combes and spun right of the combes, resultet in shiny miniskeins of white yarn. The length was each time something around 65-75 meters, perfect to have in storage for band-weaving.

Lately, the dyeing pot has been on the stove, to dye the skeins, one after the othe, in a relaxed and steady rythm. Dye a skein in the evening, let it cool down over night, and take it out of the pot the next evening. If there was time, the same procedure would be repeated that night, but if not- no problem, it was possible to wait for the next opportunity. And see here, what a lovely set of colors!

The upper yellow is dyed with onion peels, the others are dyed with acid dyes, that I mixed myself from red, yellow and blue. My experience is that the most beautiful colors are obtained when all three basic colors are used.

To the right, natural colors are shown, the 2 browns from Oessant sheep, the white from the same locks as the colored skeins. I really wish I knew what kind of sheep gave these curls!

Coming weeks, they will be transformed into some nice ribbons again, if and when the ribbon loom is available.