Thursday 28 December 2023

Selmas fleece part 'Front legs'

 Today, it's this parts turn. A bit more vegetable matter and double cuts, and a lot more felted tips. However, still not too bad, considering the fields with thistles they have lived in during the fall and spring.

 It is in a bath in one go, and that might have been too much for a single bath. I'll have to divide it in two batches.

In below picture you can see that the tips are more felted, muddier and there are even some thistle-heads in the wool.

More dirt, VM and felted tips.
During the process of soaking, rinsing, washing and more rinsing, I always pick 'stuff' out of the fleeces. The wool gets whiter which makes it easier to spott straws, seeds and even sticks. Double-cuts float to the surface in small balls so they are also easy to spot.
And in the end, after all steps in the process, the wool is white and clean, so much nicer than the raw fleece!

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