Tuesday 2 January 2024

Soap making

 Last year, December 2022, I made my first batch of soap. In January 2023, I could start using them They were quite a success, according to friends and family who got a bar of soap to test. I was very happy with the result too. The scent was partly peppermint, partly lemon and orange. The peppermint was quite dominant, which made the association with toothpaste or chewing gum rather obvious.

The bars are almost finished (I had quite a lot of soap bars still in storage, that also were used up during 2023), so it is time to make new soap. This time, the scent is totally different: the rest of the sweet Orange, then Petit grain and Ceder atlas. All organic, as well as the base oils, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and Olive Oil. It is an interesting scent, not something for the lovers of lavender soap. The tin is tucked away in a blanket right now and tomorrow I can cut it up in bars, that still need to finish the process of saponification during 4 weeks. So, in the end of January I will be able to use one!

Here some pictures of the process:

The fats and oils in the foreground, the lye solution in the back

The mold, a cake tin lined with baking paper
The mold, a cake tin lined with baking paper

The essential oils (fragrance) on my tiny scale, 22 grams in total

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