Sunday 27 December 2015

Feed the birds

This project is inspired by two other projects, one of a designer on Ravelry, who also inspired to the name of this post, and one of a fellow-member of Wolunie.
My dear fellow-member had felted a round container for bird-food, to hang outside in a tree, filled with seeds and fat. This way one would not need to look at the ugly green plastic netting in which the seeds can be bought.
I am a spinner and knitter and remembered a pattern for a round knitted and felted birdhouse on Ravelry. This is a free pattern, I love the way it is handwritten, and the world would look so much prittier if all gardens had such birdhouses in their trees! So, I took out my yarn rests and knitted and felted a ball with a hole, made an ring on top and filled it with seeds, fat and astick to sit on. This is the result. It is a gift for (the birds in the garden of) my parents. When the food is finished, the birds hopefully manage to unravel the ball a bit to use the fibers to fluff upp their nests.

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  1. Wouw , wat een geweldig idee! Dank voor het delen. Groet Hennie.


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