Saturday 31 October 2015

Yarn bundling - the knitted results

In my previous post, I showed the resulting yarn of my first attempt at yarn bundling. The colours of the various natural dye stuff are applied very locally on the skein, which gives a vivid colouring in patches spread all over. Now, I knitted up this first skein, and the cuffs and half mittens are lovely. The colours are really autumnal, which I love, warm, and the colours spread about the knitted item as well as in the skein. Remember my remark that perhaps the skein was a little dry so that the colours only spread minimally. This resulted in yarn with still an amount of white left. First, I'll show you the cuffs. A very simple pattern to let the yarn colouring show the best:
Next are the fingerless mittens. Usually I knit with thinner yarn, so this time it was a really quick knit. A simple ribbing and stockinette stitch was enough to make the half mitts become beautiful, cosy, practical accessories:

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